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Garden Drainage UK Limited have worked closely with major house builders, property developers, residential property design teams and site groundworks contractors across the UK to remedy flooding in and around housing development site properties, driveways, patios and garden plots.

Hydrotrench drainage installations save significant costs in drainage remediation activities, while alleviating the concerns of homeowners with drainage issues that they need to have fixed.

Plots with sloped back gardens will typically direct surface water down towards properties, causing waterlogged gardens and patio areas that are unacceptable to homeowners.

We recommend a three tiered approach to resolve this common drainage problem in housing development sites:

  1. Hydrotrench is used to intercept surface water at the foot of plots higher up the slope, near the boundary fence line, dissipating the issue before it gains momentum.
  2. Surface water interception is then further increased with additional Hydrotrench drainage lines within garden plots situated in the middle of slope Р importantly this drains these very often waterlogged gardens.
  3. Hydrotrench is then then ran alongside the edge of patio, paving and other hardstandings that are suffering, taking surface water straight down and away into the pea gravel bed of the existing surface drainage.

The site drainage system is linked with spurs of Hydrotench, dispersing the surface water and leading it to the discharge connection points.

Garden Drainage UK provide a number options for undertaking this installation method and many other configurations that are specifically designed for housing developments. You may choose to work with our approved installers or take direct supply of the product for your own Groundworks teams.

Whichever method you prefer, you will not be disappointed with the performance of Hydrotrench and the quality of care taken with our professional approach.

Below are a selection of photographs taken on site to show you the stunning results!